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The California Family Justice Initiative (CFJI) is funded by the Blue Shield of California Foundation under the leadership of the National Family Justice Center Alliance. The Initiative aims to create shared learning, shared expertise, shared capacity building, shared on-line resources, and shared technology to achieve a statewide network of Centers using model protocols, best practices, and innovative strategies to meet the needs of women, children, men, and families exposed to trauma and abuse.

The CFJI consists of two 2-year phases. Phase I operated from March 2009-March 2011 and Phase II operated from March 2011-March 2013.

In Phase I of the Initiative, five communities were selected from across California to participate as “learning laboratory sites” where multi-agency, co-located service delivery models for victims of domestic violence were supported and expanded.  The five founding centers from Phase I are: Shasta, Sonoma, Stanislaus, Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley), and West Contra Costa County. The Alameda County Family Justice Center, Anaheim Family Justice Center, and San Diego Family Justice Center served as Regional Training Centers, assisting sites in expanding and developing multi-agency service delivery models around the state.

Phase II of the California Family Justice Center Initiative maintained and expanded a network of Centers across California. Ongoing support to the five founding centers created during Phase I was  provided. Five additional California communities were selected to receive technical assistance and planning support for expanding multi-agency, co-located service deliver models for victims of domestic violence.

The Initiative includes a learning collaborative model with teams from each selected site, grant funding for selected sites in the second year of the initiative, and technical assistance and strategic planning support for two years for the participating sites.

The Initiative also has a statewide Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee includes representatives from the Regional Training Centers and other stakeholder organizations.

For more information, please call (888) 511-3522.


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